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  • Welcome to InspireDesigns! My name is Sherri Murphy and I am so excited to share this journey with you. I am a Mom and a Wife to 3 great kids and a husband who I have been married to for over 20 years! About 4 years ago one of my many hobbies turned into InspireDesigns. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to do what I love most everyday of my life!

Sweet Megan

Today at InspireDesigns, we took time out to go to lunch and celebrate our very first summer intern!  Megan Leddy joined InspireDesigns team for the summer to help us freshen up our social media accounts and ended up helping us with so much more!


Her delightful spirit fit perfectly with the three of us at InspireDesigns and her input was so valuable.  There really are no words to help me express how happy it made me to have her help us this summer.  I challenged her with so many tasks and she exceeded every challenge I sent her way.  Her creative and fun-loving spirit just shines! I also have to brag a little more about her creativity and let you know that the headband she is wearing in the picture above was designed by her! We will also have a new bracelet designed by Megan available soon and I promise you will LOVE it!!

Not only did she take A LOT of pictures for us, she was in front of the camera a little too! Beautiful……..

suede tassel M&E

I only wish we had more time with her to be in front of the camera for us and am hoping she will agree to do some more modeling for us when she comes home for break.  I’m delighted to say that we have twisted her arm and made her agree to help us remotely from her sorority house at Purdue!   I know we now can’t live without her super photo editing skills to turn us into supermodels ;).

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing young woman and I’m so thankful that we were able to share some of her time this summer! All the best this year at Purdue sweet Megan and “Boiler UP” 🙂

-til next time,


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Love Letters

Introducing the “Forever Yours” Collection

FY NEcklaces Collage


The Forever Yours collection was inspired by my love story. It’s a story like many other love stories of triumphs, trials, laughter and tears but also one that is unique only to the two of us. I cherish my husband and am so thankful that God brought us together. This year Jon and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and this collection was designed to celebrate that milestone! I believe that fate brought my husband and I together and our Faith has helped us stay strong during the many ups and downs of our marriage.

I named the collection from one special part of our relationship. While Jon and I were dating and again after we were married (Operation Desert Storm) we spent some time apart and during those times we wrote letters to each other everyday. Before email, video chat, texting and even cell phones, we stayed in touch and eagerly anticipated each and every letter sent back and forth. We had a special way of signing these letters that wasn’t planned but just happened. Each letter sent and received was signed “forever yours” by both of us and still to this day, when we give each other notes or cards, that is how we sign them. The saying is so special to us that on our wedding day we gave each other simple gold wedding bands that were engraved inside with “forever yours”. Our love letters have moved with us to 7 different houses in our 25 years together. Every once and awhile, I take a trip down memory lane and pull some of the letters out to read them. I’m amazed at how much our relationship has evolved as we have grown up together and grown as a family too. I wouldn’t change any part of our beautiful, messy, wonderful, true love story.

The Forever Yours Collection is one of my all time favorite collections and every piece is so special to me. The cream pearls, crystals, soft suede, leather tassels and filigree accents all came together to evoke a romantic feel reminiscent of a love story! The items in our new collection have names like, “Marry Me”, “Romance Me”, “Lucky Stars”, and “Crazy Love” :).   I’m so excited to share these new pieces with you! You can see the entire collection on the website now!

suede tassel M&E

Beautiful Megan has been an amazing addition to the InspireDesigns family this summer!  Isn’t she just beautiful? She is wearing our new “Perfect Match Suede Tassel Necklace” and the Adjustable chain and suede necklace.  Her bracelet stack, and this picture, just say “romance”!


Stay tuned for more news from InspireDesigns and more new items to come!

til next time,


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Keys To The Future!

The key to the future, The key to heaven, The key  to life, The key to my heart…..The KEY is symbolic of so many things!

These keys however, are not only symbolic of the Key to the Future, they are also the real keys to our new studio space!


I’m beyond excited and can’t wait for this next step for InspireDesigns!  The new studio is about 3 minutes from my front door and the remodel will begin today!  We will keep you posted on the progress and let you know when the Grand Opening will take place.

This new space will house our studio, showroom and our shipping department.  InspireDesigns Studio will not be a retail store but we will have Open Studio hours one day a week and we will host all our events in the new space.  We have big plans for this new studio and for our business.

I am so incredibly thankful for all the support our community has given us as we have built this business.  We can’t wait to share the new exciting look for InspireDesigns with you soon! Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on the progress of the remodel and all that’s happening.

In the meantime, we are busy packing our pallet to be delivered to AmericasMart for the Apparel show starting next week and shipping out orders to 4 more stores today.  Not a minute to spare in the day and I like it like that!  #Inspired #blessed #busy

til next time,


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The Happy Kind of Tired

Today I’m back from AmericasMart and made it all the way out of my pajamas into sweat pants!  The fact that I even had mascara on today was a major accomplishment!  The beauty of walking down to my basement for work made me VERY happy today after 7 days of fighting Atlanta traffic!  I’m supposed to be taking inventory but  I’m very good at procrastinating and so I thought I’d write a quick blog post instead of counting beads and doing paperwork!

I just looked in the mirror after my day back in the studio and I look all kinds of tired!  Really rough actually ;)!  As I was telling my reflection  “you look all kinds of tired” (yes, actually talking out loud to myself in the mirror) it dawned on me that there are really so many kinds of “tired”.  There’s the tired from physical work, tired from mental work, tired from emotional encounters, tired from stress, etc.  But there is also a happy kind of tired! The happy  kind of tired comes from pouring all you have in to something, combining the physical, mental, emotional, and stressful all into something you are passionate about and being rewarded for it! That describes what I’m feeling tonight.

Spending 5 days talking about InspireDesigns and promoting our little company was so much fun!  God chose to put some amazing people in my path and I really prayed to find courage to go where he wants me to all week.   Our experience at the gift show was profitable and uplifting.  I love getting to know new clients and seeing our existing clients who have become our friends.   I’m excited to add up all the orders and let you know what states InspireDesigns jewelry will be delivered to!

As my business grows, I’m learning that not every part of it is fun and games.  For me the fun and games are the designing, hanging out with Jackie and Sandy, interacting with clients among many other aspects.  The not so fun part is the business decisions and anything technical!  The REALLY not so fun part is keeping track of all the moving parts involved and taking inventory of my giant collection of beads and findings!  But the not so fun parts are still completely outnumbered by the fun parts!  My other prayer this week was to always find the joy!  This business brings me joy and I never want to lose sight of that!

I packed up our trade show booth to go into storage for a couple of weeks before our next show at AmericasMart.  In the meantime, I’ll be counting beads, filling orders and trying to keep my “business” mind tuned in to the task at hand.  Which means I have to stop typing and go back to counting beads :(.  I only have enough energy left for another hour of work and then it will be time to transition out of my sweatpants and back into my pajamas!!

’til next time,


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Hello 2014!

A new year, A fresh start, endless possibilities!! All these things make me love January 1st every year.

As I look back at 2013 and re-cap the year for InspireDesigns, I’m literally blown away!  Goals were set and achieved and expectations were exceeded all doing what I love to do with all my heart and surrounded by my two best friends, my family and now even my siblings!! I’m truly blessed and thank God everyday for this opportunity.

In 2013 InspireDesigns not only more than doubled our sales from the previous year, but also reached 80 retail stores across the country!  HOLY COW!! In a million years, I never dreamed that would be a reality.   Taking my hobby and turning it into a business was something that happened with a lot of hard work and passion and only became a reality with the support and encouragement of our local clients and fans.

I took a couple of days off over the holidays to love on my family and relax.  Then, I hid in my studio for the rest of the time to design new items for spring 2014 and get ready to show our stuff at AmericasMart in January!  My very supportive husband and kids cooked and cleaned and took care of everything while I “worked”!  I have to put “work” in quotes because when I’m creating new pieces and putting collections together, it really does not feel like “work” to me :)! It feels like pure joy! I prayed for guidance and direction and got busy! It was time well spent and I can’t wait to show all of you what is coming out for spring! I hope to have some new pictures to show everyone soon because I’m very excited!!

There are many more exciting things in the works for InspireDesigns in 2014 and I can’t wait to share them with you as they happen!  My husband and I have agreed to try and make 2014 the best year ever!  I wish the same for all of you! Happy New Year and thanks for helping us spread the word about InspireDesigns fancy-ful jewelry for the soul!

-til next time,


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